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My Mathsci Wordpress Site

For math and science study guides (calculus, organic chemistry, medical law and ethics, etc.)

In these pages, you will find a sample of my previous writing, clips, and websites I've worked on.

Professionally, my work covered research, communications, professional writing, and teaching. My writing duties dealt with copy editing, fact checking, and scientific writing in a corporate and academic setting. I was a public health grant writer and editor where I managed proposals, budgets, follow-up reports, and information for press releases for a public health program recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health. My work in literacy (specifically scientific, mathematical, and health literacy) aims to translate scientific and technical information into writing that would be easily understood and accessible for general audiences.

My Clinical Statment and additional information can be viewed here: Kevin C. Clinical Statement

Researchwise, my interests lie within public health (domestic and international), research methodology, biomathematics, and scientific journalism/communications. I have worked (and currently participate) in oncology awareness and research specifically dealing with breast and prostate cancer as well as pediatric oncology/hematology.

For fun, I have also been interested in food, travel, cultural, and fashion writing.

The Samples/Presentations page contain my previous hobby writing. Please refer to the blog/news page for future updates.

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