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Kevin's Recommendations

Here I will share a couple of favourite sites that I visit and my current reading list. The site may be a blog that I follow, where I listen to music, or other interesting math or science related link that I geek out to. I hope you all enjoy!

For my books there are two sections:

- Reading List contains books which I read for leisure

- Library contains professional books and references in mathematics and the sciences

I read about a wide range of topics because growing up I was taught the importance of the balance of ideas and perspectives. Regardless of where your beliefs fall in the spectrum, I do want to hear your thoughts and reasoning. I'm always open to a healthy discussion.

Breast Cancer Imperative Inc.

The site for Breast Cancer Imperative Inc. which established portable mammography screening services and health education in the Philippines. The first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Please help support our cause!

Dita Sternfend Comics and Fairytales

Danish illustrator and animator who I follow. She is an amazing and talented woman whose work is so captivating. I love her whimsical style. Please check her out!

Jango Internet Radio

Free streaming internet radio with a great selection of music from different genres. I usually have it playing while I'm web designing, cooking, or just relaxing!

Legal Parley

Intelligent and informative entries on legal issues in India from an amazing lawyer, Prerana Saraf. She is one of my followers on my Wordpress blog, and I also follow her work. Come support her work on social justice and human rights!

Tiny Buddha

Great site for positive messages, personal stories, wisdom and advice to help us reflect on our lives. It's not just for Buddhists, but for anyone who comes from different walks of life.

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