le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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Late Spring Cleaning

What a weekend...


I spent the weekend cleaning and reorganizing.  Just cleaning out the bedroom closet took me 3 hours. There was so much junk that I had totally forgotten about.  I prepared broken electronics for disposal, threw out broken figurines, and recycled old papers.  On the plus side, I found many documents that I was searching for the past few years.  A lot of them were old notes and books (which are useful as future references).  There's so much more space now and I'm enjoying how less cluttered everything is.


I threw out a lot of old posters and shoe boxes.  I found a box for Ugg boots that I bought in 2010!  I wondered why it was still here.  I asked the same question for a lot of things that were somehow stored, but not thrown away.  I guess I had some sentimental memories for them a long time ago?  Now I just see it as a waste of space lol


These were just half of the clothes!  The stacks were a foot/foot and a half tall.
I'm going to separate and clean up the clothes so that I can give some to family while I donate the rest of them to charity.  My goodness, some of the clothes I had worn back during the 90's, but I'm glad that they were able to hold up until now.
I have quite a few graduations and celebrations to attend.  It'll be nice to be on the other side this time!  I remembered spending time getting prepared putting on my suits and the graduation gown.  I'm happy that I'm done with that though.  It was a great experience, but it was stressful--checking to see that all of my requirements were finished, buying all of the attire for graduation, and preparing for the day itself.
A few tickets for the commencements I'm attending
It'll definitely be busy for the next few weeks, but I'm psyched.  It'll be great to see my loved ones walk.

I bought a shoe rack on sale for $30.  I thought that it was a nice deal and the stacked format can save a lot of space.  It also looks very simple and modern which matches my decorations.



Family planned to come visit me for the summer so I'm also making preparations for that.  I also have to meet with professionals to discuss policy and research.  It'll require a lot of preparation so I've been staying on top of current articles and developments on legal and healthcare issues.  I'm just taking a deep breath before I dive into the pool.


So yes, I just wanted to give a quick update before things get hectic.  It's been raining like crazy recently, but I do hope all of you enjoy the nicer weather when it's sunny outside.  I think I'll go grab a Coffee Coolata sometime.


In the meantime, bon courage mes amis!

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