le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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Happy 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!


What a year 2012 has been.  I glanced at a lot of my entries from my "pen and paper" journal and I can't believe that so many events had happened ranging from meeting new relatives to changing the focus on what I want to accomplish personally and professionally.  I've met a lot of new people, made new friends, and did some traveling.  Now that I look back on all of this, I can gladly say that things have been progressing really well.


Early New Year's Eve, I spoke to my aunt whom I visited a few months ago in the West Coast.  We caught up and laughed about silly things.  It was really nice because I was able to bond with her and her family during my stay.  I couldn't help but smile when we revisited a lot of the wacky adventures from trying to find the ticket to pay the parking garage fee to just laughing late night over dinner.


How about New Year's resolutions?  Well, everyday should be a time to better ourselves.  I don't usually make my own list because I might either (1) not get it accomplished or (2) spread myself thin and end up botching things up.  I've decided that it's more feasible to take little steps and just build upon them.


Now that 2013 has rolled around, I'm going to continue to tackle my CSCS review, catch up with friends, and take care of little things.  I don't mind the stress...as long as I'm happy :)


We'll see where 2013 will take us.  Hope you all had a great New Year's also!

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