le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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First Post of this New Blog!

So here's the new blog for my site, everyone.  I wanted to keep it simple to supplement my site.  I had planned to use that small box in my site until December 2012, but the space became too big.  At least now I'll be able to write more here!  Since it's my first entry, I'm going to write a hodgepodge of ideas.


I have quite a few people to interview for my articles, but the work is really fun.  I end up networking with professionals and colleagues who come from different fields, and we learn a lot from each other.  My deadlines are in December (what a nice Christmas gift, right?) so I'm gathering all of the research and prepping for interviews for my pieces.


Shrimp and vegetable soup, a hard boiled egg, and orange juice for breakfast...today's one of those days when I can just recuperate and catch up on reading and rest.  I think we all can find it nice to just wake up without having to worry about the alarm clock waking you up at the crack of dawn.  It's pretty refreshing!  In the afternoon, I'm going to do some cardio and weight training after doing some more physiology review.  I'm happy that I'm getting a lot of review done and adhering to the schedule that I made.


Yesterday around midday, I got really tired, but I wasn't going to be finished until 9 pm so I headed down to Starbucks to get some coffee.  The baristas were really nice and one of them was giving out free samples of peppermint mocha.  They had a deal on holiday drinks where if you buy one, you get one for free.  I initially wanted to get a small black coffee, but because of the deal, I got the peppermint mocha.  Those two cups really did the job because I was wide awake and bouncing around until 10 pm!


I got a haircut on Monday.  I caught up with my friend (she's my stylist) and we were just catching up and making jokes.  We had a great time as always while peppering in some Spanish in our conversation or as Spongebob would call it, "Sentence Enhancers."  Luckily her, her daughter, and grandchildren were fine during the storm.


One of the great things I love about reporting and writing is that you get to go out and experience so many new things.  Whether it's attending an MMA (mixed martial arts) event, seeing a new exhibit at an art gallery, or traveling to another country to write about food and culture, it always takes us to many places.  What I've enjoyed is that I get to meet new people while learning a lot of new things.  It's nice to read about new research through press releases or news feeds, but actually interviewing people and attending events brings new perspectives that can bring flavor to life.  Right now there's a chili eating contest that caught my attention, but I'm going to browse through other events to see if there are other interesting happenings going on.


Speaking of traveling, my friend came back to the States for a week to catch up with family and friends.  I promised her that I would go visit her husband and her in Germany when things calm down a bit schedulewise.  There are definitely plans to head to Germany in the next year or so.  I think in general I just want to return to Europe for a bit.


One of my colleagues asked me what my ethnicity was.  It was funny because it reminded me of one of my old jobs where the doctor thought I was from South America.  Another friend told me that he guessed I was mixed Italian and Hawaiian. I was just laughing.  I am mixed though, but I'll only tell you the specifics in person. :)


It's going to be Thanksgiving next week.  I can't believe how fast the end of the year goes.  There are always random things that happen during the holiday season which always end up positive (so I won't complain).  The environment ends up becoming very mellow and warm which is such a nice break from all of the hustle and bustle of daily routine.  Pretty soon it's going to be Christmas and New Year's so I'm going to get everything I need done this month and early next month so that I can spend time with loved ones.


Amidst all of this work, I'm still having fun with my exercise, restaurant outings with friends, and leisurely reading.  By the way, a few weeks ago I heard Owl CIty's song, "When Can I See You Again" and it's such a catchy song.  The song was featured on "Wreck It Ralph" which got rave reviews at the box office.  Another song is Becky's "Yaruki Switch" which I've been listening to since the summer.  It's a positive song since "Yaruki" is Japanese for motivation/inspiration.  One thing I like about driving is that I can sing in the car.  I can't do that on public transportation because I know that I'll make a fool out of myself.  I give props to the people who are listening to their music and dance/sing to it.  More power to them to enjoy themselves.


I definitely can't wait for December when I can go out with visiting friends, have a drink, dine, and dance.  And to all of you who are also working hard.... Remember to also take some time out whether to do a dancing game with your kids, catch up with a friend over coffee, attend a poetry reading, or whatever tickles your fancy.  Now pardon me while I bob my head to Carly Rae Jepsen's "This Kiss" before I head to bed :)

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