le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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Juggling a Full Plate One Bite At a Time

The Sandy Hook Symposium at the DART Center at Columbia University was very touching and highlighted the "double edged" aspect of reporting.  When I heard Lieutenant Vance speak about respecting privacy and how he had to deal with a photographer taking pictures of sensitive scenes, it reflected the issues that reporters encountered during Columbine (when injured students were in range of photographic/video view by the media).  I recently presented to fellow journalists and writers on the topic of handling tragedy and the expanding role of social media in this regard.  The question we ask is "How far is too far?" while balancing the "right for the public to know" this information.  Information can be disseminated more easily and in the case of photographs, uploaded on blogs or Twitter. The arguments can get pretty complex, but I took a constructive approach when I examined how reporters deal with sensitive events such as Columbine or the subway death of Ki Suk Han.


I spoke with faculty and staff from my alma mater and it was so wonderful catching up with them.  My mentor, Dr. Vennie Cowart has been such an inspiration and helped me become a health professional.  She recently received the Chancellor's Citation for Excellence for her work with Genesis.  She was like a mother to me when I had my stressful moments in grad school.  The advisor makes a HUGE difference when navigating through graduate school.  Believe me, I was so thankful for her encouragement.  When you can talk to each other about tackling program work at midnight and laugh about it, you know that you've got a wonderful relationship!


I'm so happy to have some time to relax and breathe.  I've been running around trying to get many things accomplished before the summer.  I have my "to do" list on my phone and I'm working my way through it.  It's interesting because when I was a therapist, I used planners to write things down.  Now technology has made it so much easier.  I responded to a backlog of emails and tackled a few more readings.


I'm craving halal food so I might stop by the 53rd and 6th Halal Cart next week.  Just thinking about it makes me hungry!  I can't wait to dig into a hearty platter.


It's going to be my brother's birthday so I'm going to organize the event.  He wants something simple this year and is just happy to order out food and hang out with his friends.  That's perfectly fine with me.  He and his fellow artists also have an art exhibit that they've been preparing for the past year.  He asked me if I could write about the event and I was happy to.  I'm actually excited to speak to his art colleagues about their work also.  From what he had told me, there are a lot of interesting forms of media being expressed ranging from photography to sculpture.


It's been a pretty eventful spring and I hope to do more cardio dance when it gets warmer.  I'm also itching to do some more swimming.  Warm weather, where are you??


All in all, I'm organizing things one by one.  Slowly, but surely, right? :)

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