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le cahier de kev

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A Small Note During a Quick Break

I'm moving through my Reading List and working on some articles to submit.  In addition, I've been reviewing NELS data that I previously worked with in grad school and I'm looking at different variables influencing math and science scores.  In a nutshell, what I'm hoping to explore is how I can help motivate the population with interest in the STEM fields.  It should be interesting.  This week I have to tackle more physiology and quantitative readings.  I also have to attend graduations in a few weeks along with my brother's art exhibit so I'm penciling them onto my calendar.


Work aside, my cousin texted me earlier this month to tell me that she wanted to come visit with her little sister (my other cousin).  As you know, I visited them in September for the little sister's 18th birthday and we had a blast.  She's graduating in May and my cousin wants to take her to New York as a gift.  They planned for June so I'm pretty booked then.  I'm pretty excited to see them and catch up! I still remember the late night laughs, running to the 7-Eleven for snacks, and taking in the warmth of the West Coast.  It's certainly going to be eventful and I can't wait to create new memories!  There's always a lot involved with being the "tour guide," but I know that the planning will be balanced with spontaneous adventures.


I had lunch with a previous supervisee last Thursday.  It's always nice to see people whom you had worked closely with progress with their careers.  We caught up on how she was doing and I gave her some advice on how to find a focus for her goals.  In today's changing economic climate, versatility and adapting to new tools are crucial to succeeding down a career path.  Motivation is also a major factor.  We can dream and dream all we want, but if we don't take steps to actually push forward...it will be just as tangible as something in our imaginations.  Yes life is hard and you will experience disappointments.  But who doesn't?  It's easy to look at others and feel envious of their lives, but we may not know what they're really experiencing.  One can put on a facade despite the circumstances.  As long as you focus on what you need to do, it will be easier to not get muddled or distracted with what others are doing.  It was nice brainstorming with her and we both helped put each others thoughts into perspective.  Go reciprocity!


To take a break from writing and research, I did some baking.  I made a batch of brownies from Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Fat-Free brownie mix.  All I needed to do was mix vanilla yogurt and bake it for around 20-25 mins.  It turned out pretty good!  It was moist and a nice treat to have around when I craved something sweet.



I also re-watched a clip of Nigella Lawson making Caramel Croissant Pudding.  I absolutely loved the music at the beginning.  She's so entertaining to watch, and I made this dessert a few years ago.  It was pretty filling especially when you eat it late at night.  But it was really delicious!  Watch the clip below.  She can sure seduce the camera. :)



My thoughts and prayers go out to the people at the Boston Marathon.  It's disheartening to hear news like this, but it's important to persevere through these tragedies.  It's certainly easier said than done as I had seen when I conducted counseling sessions, but finding that strength can help challenge any fears that we will encounter.  We cannot let anyone stop us (either through fear or coercion) from living our lives.  In any case, let us give our support to Boston.

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