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Springtime Surprises

I use my Spanish frequently in America (speaking to family or close friends), and I was pleasantly surprised at how I could switch between castellano from Argentina to a more neutral version used more frequently.  As a child, I learned the dialect from Buenos Aires.  For example, when I would talk to my Tía, and she would ask me what I ate recently (since we talk about cooking and eating often haha).  I would reply, "Ayer, comí arroz con pollo."  It would sound like "Asher, comí arroz con posho" since that's what I learned (to pronounce ll and y as "sh").  It's more natural for me due to the similarities of the pronunciation in Portuguese (Me llamo vs. me chamo; llegar vs. chegar).  But that's me and I'll switch to the "y" sound formally.  Anyway, I went to go get my haircut, and my stylist and I would generally speak in Spanish.  It was pretty fun!


I was listening to the karaoke version of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Santa Esmerelda.  It brought back memories of watching The Bride fight Oren Ishii during the final battle of Kill Bill Volume 1.  I remembered sitting in the theater and seeing the snowy background as The Bride confronted Oren with the Hattori Hanzo sword.  I really enjoyed the tribute to the cheesiness of martial arts films from the past and how the music really complemented the action.  The over the top action, Oren Ishii's right hand woman cursing at The Bride in French at the end, and the crazy battle with Go Go Yubari at the House of Blue Leaves really brought me to a place that suspended reality.  It was like being transported into another universe and you couldn't help but stare in awe and ask yourself, "What the hell is going on here!?"  In any case, it was fun nostalgia from a decade ago, and I'll be bobbing my head to the beat for the next few days!


It's almost April and the cold weather is still lingering!  I hope it becomes warm soon though.  I was talking to someone on the train and we were laughing at how the back and forth weather made us sick.  One minute it's sunny and the next it's slushy.  However, I am happy about having more daylight.  The extra sun feels good.  It was not a fun experience having to go to Rite Aid to get some Dayquil, Halls, and tissues while coughing my brains out.


I'm continuing my review for the CSCS exam with biomechanics and sports psychology.  Oh physics. The fun formulas and theories revisited!  However, I finished my pharmacy law requirement for continuing education.  A lot of it covered updates on previous legislative developments so it wasn't a big surprise like when I read about the 2011 developments.  I remembered when all of the law went over my head and it took me time and a bit of careful reading to really understand it.


I'm finishing up the updates to the site.  I'm going to add a study guide for exercise physiology on macronutrients and probably a statistics review sheet that I had used a while back.  Hopefully they will be useful for those of you taking science classes.


I went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few items for breakfast, and I decided to get some Gummy Penguins.  I don't know if any of you have tasted this, but these gummies are pretty amazing!  I got it as a gift from my best friend during the holiday season, and I remembered engulfing a handful when I first tasted it.  It's really good and I highly recommend it!  The flavors are cherry, lime, and strawberry, and they have a filling in their tummies which give each piece a burst of flavor.


While I've had my share of treats, I've also been doing my daily exercise regimen.  One thing that I dramatically changed during the early summer of 2012 was to maintain a 2,000-2,100 calorie per day diet.  As long as it's around the ballpark, I could maintain a steady and healthy weight.  When I had my lunch break in one of my previous jobs, I would eat really fatty foods such as a personal pizza, hamburgers and fries, and fried rice with the mindset that my fast metabolism that I had since I was younger would assist me.  I was exhausted from commuting and working so I didn't have as much time to exercise as often or cook.


Fast forward to the present day, I would treat myself to a slice of pizza or steak dinner once in awhile, but I would do everything in moderation.  Now I cook more frequently, alternate with weight and cardio training, and balance my meals throughout the day with smaller portions.  I remind myself that being busy should not be an excuse to neglect a healthy lifestyle.


I have so much respect for many of the people in my life who are pursuing their passions.  It's so great having conversations with them about how they're planning to start their business, publish an article, or venture into new territory.  It's not really easy to jump into these things so gathering up the courage to actually make these things come true is quite an accomplishment.


As it transitions into springtime, I'm also prepared to head into a new direction!

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