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A Piece of "Pi" and a Slice of Experience

I hope all of you are doing well!  The weather has been getting warmer in the New York City area which I am enjoying (as well as many people around here).  It was also Daylight Savings Time so we get an extra hour of daylight here in the States.  I also want to wish all of you a Happy Pi Day since pi (π) 3.14 (get it? March 14?) haha Okay, I'm sure you all saw that coming since you all already know my affinity for math!


A cute card courtesy of 123Greetings



In last month's entry, I discussed an event that I was going to attend.  Here was the event:


Fashion Lives with Fern Mallis

Fashion Institute of Technology

March 2016



The one great thing about New York City is that you can experience talks with professionals in a diverse range of fields.  The talk with Fern Mallis was so lively, and she kept our attention for the entire hour.  She interjected personal stories about how she got to where she did (e.g. being let go from a job due to the economic climate, but then finding another opportunity) and discussed how her passion for the field pushed her in directions she never would have thought about.


Poster Outside the Lecture Hall at FIT

(very excited to hear Fern's talk!)



She regaled us with stories from her fashion interviews with designers in the business such as Tom Ford, Donna Karan, and Michael Kors.  The one great thing that I noticed from Fern's lecture was that she engaged us throughout her talk.  The lecture hall was big, but she made an effort to look at and address the different sections as she made witty remarks.  She began Fashion Week in New York City at Bryant Park.  In one of the fashion shows, pieces of the ceiling were collapsing/coming off and sprinkled the stage and some of the models.  She then remarked, "We love fashion, but we weren't going to kill ourselves for it!"  Everything turned out okay in the end with nothing major happening.  She said that it was quite the experience and she continued working on New York Fashion Week for the next several years.


After discussing her background in pubic relations and her beginnings of her career in fashion, she started discussing her stories of her fashion interview work at the Y.  A few stories that she shared included trying to get Bill Cunningham, a fashion photographer for the New York Times, to come in for an interview at the 92nd Street Y.  Since he was a pretty introverted person who rarely shared the details of his life, he declined.  It wasn't until Fern came back from India that the interview came into fruition.


Fern was wearing a chiffon top and met up with Bill.  During the meeting, he accidentally spilled vodka on her chiffon top and he was profusely apologetic.  She said it was okay and to not worry about it.  He still continued apologizing and finally told her, "I'm so sorry.  I will do anything...anything!"  At that moment, Fern smiled and asked him, "Would you do an interview with me at the Y?" (to which he agreed to).  We all laughed.  It was an amazing story and she continued sharing more interesting tidbits from her interviews at the Y.


One interviewee who was known to be quirky in the fashion industry kept asking Fern if she could smoke during the interview.  Fern said, "No! We're inside a building in New York City!"  The interview continued, but the interviewee asked again if she could smoke.  At this point the audience at the Y was laughing and Fern was thinking, "How can I get her to answer the questions?!"  After a bit, the interviewee stood up and asked the audience at the Y, "Do you have any questions for me?"  Fern replied, "You're asking them that when you're not even answering my questions!" Fern then started laughing.


Fern Mallis lecturing at the podium



She then continued discussing other fashion designers such as Tom Ford who had a sold out event.  The place was so packed at the Y that they also streamed for another section on a wide screen at one of the other floors to keep up with the demand.  Tom Ford charmed and seduced the audience (as he always does during his interviews).  Tom shared a quote with Fern, "The most important thing anybody ever taught me is to only hire people you want to have dinner with."  (We will get back to this quote when we discuss Fern's advice to aspiring fashion designers in the next few paragraphs).


You can check her out in "Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis" at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.  She told the audience that the next interview will most likely be in the summer, but she's not sure yet since she's still working out the details.


Although she discussed her work in the fashion and public relations world, she also provided a lot of great advice and information for all of us in the audience.  I also wanted to share it with all of you since the advice is applicable to other fields.  I'm sure many of you are already familiar with it, but I'll put it here for those who aren't.  The first point came from a question from the audience: "Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion designers?"


Although this question has been asked frequently in these fashion talks, Fern provided advice that could be applicable to any field: "Be nice to everyone because you never know who you will bump into in the future."  This was highlighted throughout her talk when many people who she previously worked with ended up becoming collaborators and colleagues in her future positions.  You may not always agree with other people and their viewpoints, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to get along or work together successfully.


Another point that she continued from the above statement was "...Also, people like to hire and work with nice people... no one wants to deal with diva behavior."  Regardless of which background we come from, we will all form relationships with everyone whom we collaborate or work with.  There's always something you can learn from other people, and Fern's stories showcased this aspect.  Going back to Tom's quote above, we want to be with people who we can collaborate and have mutual respect with (which includes having a difference of opinions).  If there's always conflict without working it out together, nothing will get done because everything will be at a standstill.


Fern Mallis signing books at the end of the lecture



I thought that the talk was quite inspirational and it's always a pleasure hearing from the authors themselves since they bring a lot of narrative to life which can enhance the reading experience of their book. 


As I had discussed earlier, the weather is getting nicer.  People are going out, and I just love the warm breeze outside.  Let's see how this spring turns out.  We did have the major snowstorm in January, but it didn't snow as much this year.  There was a year (I need to check one of my old entries) where it snowed in March.  And I'm not talking about upstate New York because it always snowed there haha  My aunt and uncle went to Colombia for a mini vacation and we got to talk before she left.  I love my Tía.  She always gives me advice and tells me to eat, exercise, and sleep well :)


Wishing her a good trip.

(I just blurred her name and my contact info that I gave her while she's away)

Hi Tia *waves* ¡Diviértete!



I was going through my music collection and stumbled upon one of my favorite songs, "That's The Way It Is" by Céline Dion.  I remembered recording this on VHS tape along with other music videos featuring Janet Jackson, N*Sync, Aaliyah, Vengaboys, and other 90s artists and their songs.  There was no Youtube back then so I had to wait through MTV's Total Request Live (TRL) list or watch a channel called "The Box," which played music videos 24 hours a day, in order to record a music video I wanted.  But getting back to the song, this is definitely one of the top ones I still listen to today.  The beat is uplifting and catchy while the lyrics have a positive message, so that's why it still resonates with me almost 17 years later.  I ended up listening to many songs in my old music library which was definitely a pleasant surprise.  I also went back and rewatched the old VHS tape.  It had an episode of "Say What? Karaoke" with Dave Holmes during spring break.  Do any of you remember that show on MTV?  It was really entertaining which is probably why I like doing karaoke with my best friend when we meet!


As I close this entry, I shall share with you the music video for Celine Dion's song.  I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful March :)




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