le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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A Taste of What's to Come

I hope you all had an enjoyable St. Patrick's Day!  I'm currently updating my website by redesigning the homepage and organizing new material to post.  I have Photoshop open and will work on it for the next few days.  Let the creativity begin!


I've been busy finishing up journalism law and ethics and feature writing, and it's been an amazing experience.  I led a discussion on social media ethics and digital journalism with journalists and writers.  As many of you know, I discussed social media as it pertains to entertainment and fame in my interview last December.  (You can see the video and article on my site).  The recent discussion focused on politics, objectivity, and censorship.  I brought up events such as Valérie Trierweiler's tweet that created an uproar during the French Parliamentary election, Octavia Nasr's firing at CNN for her comments on Twitter, and caution in utilizing sources online such as Wikipedia and the importance of fact checking.  It was very productive and I enjoyed the engagement.


I absolutely love grocery shopping.  I went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things to make lunch and dinner, and I had to make sure I came in on a full stomach.  Having an empty stomach = full shopping cart


It was great though since they had everything I needed.  They had free espresso and fish stick samples, but I opted to not try some.  Weird, huh? Kevin not partaking in anything coffee related. haha  But it was a nice, quick experience.  I got my coffee, cereal bars, bagel chips, bread, and luncheon meats.  It was so relaxing strolling through the aisles and looking at the different items.  It was pretty crowded, but everyone was very polite when I needed to squeeze through.  They would have smiles on their faces and I thanked them for their patience during my "back and forthness" when I needed to search for something.  When I checked out, everything ended up just being $20 so I was pretty happy!


I bumped into an old friend at the train station last Thursday.  I sat across from him and as I was looking up, I saw a guy waving at me.  We caught up during the ride and promised to catch up over dinner when things settle down a bit.  He attends a lot of cultural events for his job so he updated me with a lot of things to check out.  It's funny because I always end up bumping into people on the train.  New York City is so big, but I somehow bump into old friends, acquaintances, or coworkers on the trains that I take.  It's nice though because our conversations lead to remembering memories that I may have forgotten.


I'll try to update a little bit more since I have some time to revamp my site.  I've been sorting out a lot of life plans and decisions for the past few weeks since I'm now moving in a new trajectory.  I'm still continuing my preparations for the CSCS examination.  Muscular and skeletal anatomy and nutrition are swirling through my head right now.  Overall, I'm happy with what I'm accomplishing.  Even if there's stress, I know that everything will sort out in the end.  As long as I work hard in my pursuits, I know that I'll hit the mark.


Now that my entry is finished... on to exercise!  Keep checking in and hope you all enjoy the new look!

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