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le cahier de kev

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Some Summertime Food For Thought

I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather!


I'm going to post a calculus handout after this so hopefully I don't put my food pictures next to the graphs of linear equations!


I was thinking about how to approach the organic chemistry handouts.  With math and the medical ethics, it's not too bad.  However, with organic chemistry there are a lot of structures and mechanisms to draw.  I was thinking of using LaTeX, a system for scientific and technical writing, when I rewrite the organic chemistry handouts.  I think it will be easier to read and organize.  Right now, I'm just going to try to get the foundation of mathematics handouts posted (since everyone has to take some form of a math/statistics class, but not everyone will need to take organic chemistry).


Here is a sample of documentation using LaTeX (pronounced lah-tech or lay-tech):


Sample of Trigonometry Handout using LaTeX



Creating a Diagram using LaTeX

As you can tell, I like the color green :)



I will keep those in mind when I plan for the summer handouts.  The handout that I'm putting out tonight will cover topics such as slope, points of intersection, and parallel and perpendicular lines.  It should be good.  I have a lot of readers from Singapore and Indonesia when I post math topics.  I appreciate their great feedback!


I made quite a few dishes in May.  It was fun to make old dishes along with trying new ones.


From top left clockwise:

Thai Basil Fried Rice with Shrimp

Chicken Marsala

Herb Meatloaf with Rice

Udon Noodles with Edamame Pesto



If you remember from a while back, I bought an America's Test Kitchen dinner cookbook.  The cookbook had the udon noodles with edamame pesto recipe.  It looked like a great vegetarian dish.  The ingredients included basil, coriander, toasted pine nuts, and edamame.  One additional ingredient I added was mushrooms.  I diced them very small and mixed it in once I blended the pesto with the udon noodles.


It was really good and full of flavor!  It was very refreshing and light, but very filling.  I had some iced green tea with it which complimented it well.


I had a lot of basil left over which is why I used it to make the basil fried rice.  I also added some green peppers, chilis, and some shrimp broth from boiling the shrimp heads.  After cooking all of that, I smelled like a restaurant!  It was nice though because the kitchen was very fragrant from the herbs.


Just a little before Memorial Day, Kate and I planned to meet up before she left to visit family.  If you remember from my April entry, I went to her friend Titta's art exhibition which showcased many contemporary artists.  Time went by so quickly, but we wanted to see each other before she left for the summer.  We went to Niu Noodle House near Washington Square to get some dim sum and noodles with chicken.




We had the lunch set which consisted of a starter (we chose chicken dumplings), the Chow Ho Fun, and the Dim Sum Set which consisted of three choices of dim sum (we picked ha gow shrimp dumplings, the Hong Kong style pork buns, and the sticky rice).  It was a lot of food, but it was so good.


We caught up and shared pictures.  We also cracked a lot of jokes.  It was so nice to just relax with good company before Memorial Day weekend.  Kate was feeling a little tired afterward so I bought her hot chocolate to perk her up.  As we were walking, we stopped by Madison Square Park near 23rd Street.  Kate had a spa appointment around the area so we stayed near the vicinity.  We sat down under a table that had an umbrella and discussed family life and how comforting it is to be around people you love.


I walked with her to the spa and she wanted to ask me for my opinion about something.  It was funny and we both smiled.  When she was called in, I gave her a big hug and kiss and wished her a safe flight home.


I met up with friends one night and we came upon Sebastian Masuda's Hello Kitty Time Capsule in Midtown Manhattan at Hammarskjold Plaza (around E. 47th Street and 2nd Ave).



Like I said with the handouts, I've received good feedback from readers and subscribers.  I'm going to try to cover as much information as I can in the upcoming month.  It was definitely great spending time with family and close friends.


In terms of the ESL Prezi Presentations, I do have them in Powerpoint and PDF formats which I send to my clients.



Now that the Math and Science handouts have taken flight, I can add some more English lessons.  I did put up 18 grammar lessons and 3 writing lessons so far.  The great thing about Prezi and ESL is that I don't have to worry about formatting which I encounter often with math and chemistry.


In terms of Breast Cancer Imperative Inc.'s new site, I'm working with David, the new developer who will handle the redesign as it moves to the Philippines.  What I will do is scan the information from the old website and then put it here as reference in the meantime.


Now I'm getting hungry looking at the food pictures!  I'm going to grab a bite to eat, work on the handouts, and then send things out to clients.  Hope you all had a great month!  We have a lot more sunshine now that we're entering summer so that should be good.


By the way to those of you coming to visit New York City, the Victorian Gardens Carnival is now open at Central Park.  It's usually open during the summer and ends in September.


The Carnival at Central Park

Click the picture for more information.


Those of you coming to visit from the country or around the world, I hope you enjoy your stay here.  The weather hasn't been too bad so far (let's hope it stays that way! haha).

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