le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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An Artistic and Warm April

Things were able to pick up with my math and science handouts so I was very pleased with the subscriptions.  One of my subscribers, Dr. Michael Lawrence Langan has a very interesting site called the Disrupted Physician.  He addresses a lot of issues such as physician suicide and medical ethics.  I will discuss this in another entry since it is an important topic to examine.


Kate invited me to an art exhibition at Clen Gallery.  It was her friend Titta's opening where several artists were able to debut their artwork. One of Titta's close friends, Kevin Berlin, debuted his work there also.  When I entered the building, there was an elevator operator so I was confused at first on what to do.  But when he asked me what floor I wanted to go to, I saw that he took care of everything.  He manually closed the elevator by winding up the gears and closing the gate.  It was pretty cool.  When I got out, there was a bouncer with a list of names to admit to the event.  We were looking for my name, but I got waved in by Kate et al. and the bouncer and I laughed as he patted me on the back to go inside.


Invitation to the event



It was wonderful and Kate introduced me to many of her friends from her time in London along with others from the fashion industry.  Our schedules have been pretty hectic, but she told me that her mother also came here to visit.  I speak very VERY elementary Mandarin so it was interesting trying to communicate with her.


Kate and me


The talented singer/actress/performer, Paulina, and me :)



Her friend Titta is Italian and it was so charming how Italians always speak to me in French.  That's the great thing about Europe.  Since countries are close to each other, we learn each other's languages.  Titta and I spoke in French for a bit before she had to attend to the other guests.  Kate then introduced me to two of her friends in fashion.  One friend makes her own bags.  She was using one of them that night and it was a beautiful black bag.  The other friend was a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) who was very skilled in dressmaking and design.


They asked me what my background was in and what type of work I did in fashion.  I told them that I'm doing tailoring on the side and how I enjoyed more hands on work performing measurements/calculations as a result of my science background.  They went to go get some wine while I rejoined Kate, Paulina, and her mom.


There were a lot of interesting pieces on display.  Kevin Berlin had his Nutella pieces on the wall.  There was a piece made entirely of bullets/ammunition.  There were also some works with profanity which were interesting (such as the Mona Lisa with "F*** You" painted on it).  If you want to see that, please let me know.  I know that some people wouldn't appreciate seeing that so I won't put it here for now.


The pieces made of ammunition



The Energy of Emotions Exhibition 2015

Upper left: Full house at the gallery

Upper right: Kate's Mom and Titta (courtesy of Kate), very pretty!

Lower left: Kevin Berlin's Nutella works

Lower right: A gallery piece

At the end of the show, we bid each other farewell and gave our hugs and kisses.  I met another one of Titta's friends from Italy who also spoke to me in French. haha  I gave Kate, Paulina, and Kate's mom a kiss and headed for the train station while they waited for a taxi.


I visited TJ Maxx one night last week to buy a gift as well as check their Home Goods section.  I usually find something nice to treat myself to.  As I looked through the baking section, I found animal shaped cookie cutters.  I thought that it would be nice since I like making treats for my nephews, nieces, and younger cousins.


What would one of my entries be without mentioning food, right? haha For dinner one night I made lime brown rice with chipotle peppers, tacos, and baked cookies and creme animal shaped cookies.  I wanted to try out the new cookie cutters that I bought so I thought this would be a great opportunity.


Upper left: Farm animal cookie cutters

Upper right: Cookie dough shapes

Lower left: Baked cookies

Lower right: Chipotle adobo tacos with lime chipotle brown rice


I cooked the ground beef with a bit of chili power, onion and garlic powder, paprika, and added in diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.  It was delicious.  The cheese was a mix of shredded asadero, monterey jack, and queso quesadilla.  The rest of the toppings were lettuce, sour cream, and spicy salsa.  It was very filling.  The cookies baked extremely fast in the oven.  The directions stated 8-10 minutes, but after 5 minutes they were ready.  I even had to lower the temperature by 25 degrees.


It was my brother's birthday recently so as a gift, I took him out to dinner for Salmon Tuesday at East Japanese Restaurant on Third Avenue.  We met up around 7:40 PM and exchanged pleasantries.


Revisiting East for my brother's birthday dinner

Salmon Tuesday: All salmon items are 50% off


There was a huge group of people.  However, we only waited for 5-10 minutes.  The hostess took my name down.  My brother and I waited at the bar area while we chatted on how things were going.  After 2 minutes, they called my name and we were seated promptly.  The sushi was a good deal and was fresh.  Four large pieces of salmon sushi was only $1.75.  They also had a menu for made to order dishes such as Salmon Kama (broiled salmon collar), which we ordered.  The salmon nuggets looked interesting, and I might try that next time.  We ate a lot of food and the bill only came out to ~$30 without adding tip yet.  It wasn't bad at all.


Everyone around the restaurant looked like they were having a good time.  It did look stressful for the servers since there were a lot of people, but overall, everyone was smiling and conversing.  We were sharing stories on his other plans for his birthday and what he was working on at the moment.  I highly recommend going to East on days when they have their specials as well as late night (I think 11 PM - 3 AM) where all sushi is half off.


To kick off the start of nice weather and spring weather finally arriving, here's some nice music, Maroon 5's Sugar:



I remembered receiving their CD, "Songs About Jane" as a gift back in 2003.  Since then I've enjoyed their music.  They recently performed in Madison Square Garden last month, but I unfortunately couldn't attend.  I heard from a friend that it was fantastic with Adam Levine being his usual crazy self as well as the band members giving a great performance.


I hope you all enjoy the start of the nicer weather!

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