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le cahier de kev

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Snow has arrived

How is everyone's first month of 2015 going so far?


I've been working on getting my English grammar and writing notes on my ESL site.  So far I've been able to put 18 lessons online (15 grammar and 3 writing).  I remembered when I first started using Prezi, it took me a really long time to get comfortable with it.  I had to get used to formatting, working with the layout, and adjusting the animations.  Now it's been pretty fun to use.  I was able to get creative and use different layouts for each lesson.


After working on the ESL lessons, I was also thinking of converting the science study guides from my site into the Prezi format also.  I'll try it out with a lesson or two for biochemistry, physiology, or medical/health ethics, but my main focus right now is to get the English guides converted.  I was reading an article by Drs. Steven Erickson and Barbara LeRoy on health literacy pertaining to caregivers of adults with developmental disorders which I found very interesting.  I might also incorporate information from science news and journal articles into the scientific Prezi presentations to give people a look at modern health developments.  I also have a portable scanner for documents now which will make putting notes up much easier.  When I first started my site, a lot of my science notes were handwritten so I was only able to upload a few for exercise biochemistry.  With my scanner, I can now put up my handwritten diagrams (such as for the functional groups in organic chemistry).  I'll let all of you know when the science notes will be up.


I felt under the weather a week or two ago which thankfully didn't develop into the flu.  For me, I would usually get a sore throat which would then move into a cold.  However, this time I just had a really strong headache and vertigo.  I bought some medicine and fruits after I got my blood pressure and temperature checked.  The major parts hit me during the weekend so I was able to rest without having the weekday schedule disrupted.


As many of you heard from the weather news a few days ago, our area in the Northeast was planned to have a major snowstorm.  They shut down the trains and buses while the governors put a ban on nonessential driving on Monday night.  It did snow in the New York City area, but it wasn't as extreme as they had predicted.


Here's a picture after the snow hit:


The snow just covered above the base of the shrub so

it was just around a few inches


The winter of 2014 had been mild so it wasn't a big surprise that snow was coming.


I was able to catch up on the episodes of Gotham (I watched 2 when I was sick and 1 during the snow).  It peaked my interest again.  I watched the first few episodes where they had a different villain for each episode, and it was enjoyable.  However, I'm really liking the development of the main villains and protagonists along with their back stories.  I did see that if it maintained a formula of having a different bad guy to defeat per episode it would wear out pretty quickly.


Top Chef is almost finished.  The formula is still the same so I can't comment on how much the season changed.  Same game, different players.  Chefs Tom Collichio and Gordon Ramsay also have a new show about the best restaurant in America, but it just did not catch my interest for me to tune in.   However, speaking of food, I made a few dishes in January:


Left: Estrogonofe de Frango (Chicken Strogonoff) made for post New Year's

Top: Vietnamese Summer Roll with Thai Basil Fried Rice made for a dinner night

Right: Pumpkin Scones made during the snow day



They were very comforting!  Back then I didn't cook as much so I'm making up for it now. haha


In terms of the New Year, it's been going well.  I spoke with a lot of my family through Skype and Facetime and they've all asked me when I planned on visiting.  I told them hopefully during the summer.  My grandmother was so cute.  She slept over my aunt's house since my aunt had the tablet to communicate.  My aunt told me that my uncle was already asleep.  My grandmother still had to talk to my other aunt's family on the West Coast after she spoke to me.  I love talking to family, friends, and neighbors.  Every person seems to have a different story or piece of gossip that they'd like to share each time we meet.


I am attending another event in February at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  It's a talk with fashion journalist Dana Thomas.  If you all remember, I read her book Deluxe a year or two ago.  She's going to discuss her new book Gods and Kings which examines the lives of two designers, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.  Both of them rose up in the fashion world and then were hit with tragedy (McQueen passing away from suicide and John Galliano's controversial remark allegations).  If any of you are interested here are the event details and registration link:


The events for the Museum at FIT are usually free and open to the public.

Feel free to check out their current events on their site in the link below for anything that interests you

as well as instructions for registration:

Calendar of Events at the Museum at FIT



If the link changes in the future, please let me know.  I usually look over old links in previous entries from time to time to make sure that they are current.  But I will all let you know how it goes and try to snap a few pictures if I can.


One of my friends and I planned to catch up before the new year, but we had to reschedule due to circumstances.  Hopefully *fingers crossed* we'll be able to catch up in February.


I hope all of you are staying warm and doing well!  The weather can really wear anyone down so of course, all of you are in my thoughts and well wishes.  Spring will be here soon so we can all look forward to that, right? :)

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