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A Refereshing Start to Summer

With summer officially in action, everyone will frequent the outdoors and participate in more activities.  Cold weather can definitely take a toll and make you more lethargic (I can testify to that!) so this has been a pleasant change.  It hasn't been uncomfortably hot yet, but we'll see how it goes in July and August!


A few weeks ago I downloaded an app called "Plant Nanny."  It's simply a water reminder that helps you drink the necessary amount of water based on your weight and how active your lifestyle is (Sedentary, Regular, Active).  For me, I'm 70 kg (around 154 lbs) and I'm active with training and swimming so I'm set to drink 3,174 ml (around 13.4 cups) of water per day.  You can choose the containers with the amount of water you normally drink from.  I have a 500 ml (around 2 cups) bottle that I use.  The range is from 100 to 1000 milliliters (around 0.4 to 4 cups respectively).


When you start you choose one of the basic plants and you help it grow by drinking your water goal for the day.  This app has been pretty helpful because it helped me keep track of the amount of water I drink.


My first plant, Leafy

The remaining number of cups I have to drink for the day is on the bottom right



I recommend checking it out now that summertime is rolling in and many of you are going to go on vacation or participate in outdoor activities.  I've been drinking a lot more water and limiting my intake of soft drinks (and even some sweet juices) so it has been helpful with helping me keep my necessary water intake in mind.  I remembered a while back I thought that 15 cups would be too much, but when I framed it through this app, it made it a lot more manageable.  I think it was pretty psychologically daunting for me just envisioning 15 full cups, but when I exercised and drank from my 500 ml bottle, I realized that it was already 2 cups of intake.


Recently, I caught up with a friend who I have not seen in awhile.  Because of conflicting schedules we weren't able to meet so we were pretty excited when we had some downtime.  My friend Alanya and I decided to meet up at Cafe 81 for dinner.  I was waiting for Alanya outside the restaurant when I received a text from her that she had arrived.   I texted her back that I was in front so when she came out to greet me, I laughed and said, "How did I not notice you pass me by!?"  We sat down at a nice corner at the front of the restaurant which gave us some privacy to talk.




We settled in and the waiter came by to take our order.  We were both starving so we started off with the Sisig (sauteed pork with egg).  The plate came quickly and was nice and hot.  It was delicious, and I loved the combination of the lemon, vinegar, soy, and spices with the meat.


Sizzling Sisig




It was a really nice dinner and we shared stories about how things were going as well as past events.  When I saw her last time, we were only able to talk for a bit so it was nice to actually have the time to sit down and go in depth.  For the next two and a half hours we were laughing, sharing suggestions, and providing encouraging words.  A lot of things that we were discussing were about future plans and what we wanted to accomplish within the next few years.  We also talked a lot about family and culture.  Culture has played a big role in our lives and I shared with her what languages I'm going to teach my kids.


After a bit, the waitress returned and asked us if we wanted to order some more.  Alanya and I decided to have Tocilog (pork belly, garlic rice, eggs, tomatoes, and onions).  The portions are big so one dish can accommodate two people.


Our Tocilog (with vinegar on the side)


After getting our dish, we continued our conversation.  We were talking about the different events that we experienced in college, traveling abroad to visit family, and making general jokes.  It was interesting sharing perspectives because we're both mixed and having to adjust to the different cultures and values that were ingrained onto us as we were growing up showed us similarities and differences in our upbringing.  We also come from two different fields.  She's in international relations and policy while I'm in public health/science and journalism.


The picture our waiter took


After our dinner, we headed out.  The weather was still nice and there were still a lot of people walking through the Lower East Side.  We walked towards the subway and gave each other a hug.  We promised to meet again soon and gave our farewells.  I walked to the PATH station to head back home, but along the way, I passed by a lot of familiar stores and restaurants that I frequented when I was studying at NYU.


I was watching TV a few weeks ago when I was taking care of my little cousin and it was tuned to Disney.  I was laughing when there were two friends arguing because the joke caught me off guard (especially since it was a science joke).


Guy friend: I figured out you were testing me so I gave you a taste of your own medicine.

Girl friend: Well according to the American College of Clinical Pharmacology, you should only ever taste your own medicine!


Now I can see why my little cousins, nephews, and nieces are glued to the TV when Disney Channel is on.


I also caught a glimpse of Food Network Star.  I haven't watched Food Network in such a long time, and I remembered watching a couple of shows like Iron Chef America, Barefoot Contessa, 30 Minute Meals, and Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives a couple of years ago.  I was reading a couple of comments from blogs and other sites, and I realized that they were right when they mentioned that the competition is more interesting than the end result.  After the winner is chosen, their new show doesn't captivate as much as seeing them compete (at least for me).  Food Network Star should be a nice distraction during my downtime.


I also realized that I forgot to add tags to my blog entries.  I'm going back and adding tags to organize what topics I've covered in an entry.  As you can see now on the right hand side, there are tags with topics for each entry.  I'm going to try to organize it after I publish this entry.


In the meantime, I hope you all have a great summer!  Enjoy the weather and if you're going to go on vacation, I hope you and your loved ones have a relaxing one!

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