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le cahier de kev

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Food, Media, and Medical Research

Doesn't the title sound like it would be a name of a college course elective? haha


I'm taking a break from reading and watching "Secrets of New York" on NYCTV.  I am captivated by Kelly Choi's presentation of cultural facts in a dynamic manner.  The imagery from storytelling can provide people with a sense of what we had experienced.  We can live vicariously at the moment or become motivated to make that experience a part of their lives.  I'm sure many of you have gone to places or have eaten at new restaurants as a result of recommendations from others.  Being able to set the scene is a great way to show your voice and capture audiences' attention.


I've been completing my continuing education for the pharmacy boards, and the topics have been diverse and interesting. Antineoplastic medications, osteoporosis, hepatitis, and infertility treatment...I feel like I've been thrown into clinical rotations!  There are so many new developments that have occurred within the past few years and when I compare the research that I had read as an undergrad compared to now, it amazes me how far we've come.  As long as there's steady progress, I hope that new developments can help the target populations.


As I'm finishing up my journalism training at NYU, I've been fortunate to work with very talented professionals.  I'm taking Feature Writing with Susan Hartman, journalist and contributing writer to publications such as the New York Times.  It's such a great class where we have discussions on several topics ranging from the culinary arts to social issues, perform several types of feature writing (profiles and service articles), and give each other feedback on written work.  The time just flies by during her class and my classmates all come from diverse backgrounds.  It has been such a pleasure interacting with all of them on Thursday nights.  It is such a supportive environment and we end up learning a lot from each other.


Two weeks ago I had Chinese food, and then Vietnamese food the week after.  Oh boy were they delicious!  As you already know, I'm Pac Man when it comes to eating.  The Chinese food was the "Americanized" version, but since I hadn't eaten it in a couple of months, I enjoyed every bit of it.  When I was a teenager, I always got the shrimp with lobster sauce with white rice.  (Aye, my stomach is grumbling now that I'm thinking about it!)  It was either that or the chicken egg foo young (chicken omelette with a savory sauce) with pork fried rice.



Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

courtesy of Gardenrice.com


The great thing about New York is the chance to eat authentic food from a variety of cultures.  I had lunch with a friend at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown.  The food at Nha Trang One in Baxter Street was cheap, delicious, and fresh.  Who wouldn't want that? A great deal with great food.


I had the medium cooked beef pho and the fresh spring rolls.



Fresh spring rolls, courtesy of mycookinghut.com


The service was really fast.  With many restaurants, the drinks are usually the ones that come first, but after ordering my food, I got my spring rolls after 2 minutes.  That's what I call fast service!  The portions were big and filling.  They provided the staple bean sprouts and mint to include with the pho.  I love mint so that was definitely a plus.


Televisionwise, it's so funny when I watch the promos for the original movies on Hallmark because I think to myself, "I would never watch that."  What ends up happening?  I catch a glimpse after doing some reading and writing and end up watching the entire thing.  Surprisingly a lot of them aren't bad.  They look cheesy from the bits and pieces that are seen from commercials, but it does pick up when you watch it.  During the holiday season, they play movies back to back so I ended up catching one before heading to bed.  Just like anything in life, it's good in moderation.


It just seems like yesterday when everyone was doing their Christmas shopping.  I can't believe it's February already.  There was a snowstorm a few weeks ago and now the warm weather melted the ice.  Everything's been pretty unpredictable, but that's what keeps us on our toes, eh?  I do have a lot more things planned in the upcoming months so I'll keep all of you updated with my blog.


Stay warm everyone!

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