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Have a Wonderful Holiday

An entry is long overdue, huh? :)  It's the spring holidays such as Passover and Easter and everyone is celebrating with their loved ones.  If all of you are going to do cooking and traveling, have a wonderful holiday!  I finished cooking ham, spaghetti, and potatoes to bring to the family gathering.  Can't wait to try everyone's dishes!


I'm sure we're all going to fall asleep after eating!



It has been quite a busy April.


On the evening of April 8, I watched the U.S. premiere of Les garçons et Guillaume, à table at Florence Gould Hall at the French Institute.




The venue was packed!  I had to squeeze through one of the aisles to find a seat.  It was an amazing movie.  We were all laughing throughout Guillaume's adventures and his struggle to find his identity throughout the film.  There were a lot of scenes where we really could feel Guillaume's emotions as he tried to understand the cultural differences in his travels to places like Spain and Britain as well as his interactions with his family (specifically his mother).  Throughout the film she was a prominent presence who guided him and made witty remarks in the different scenarios that Guillaume encountered.


I'm not going to spoil the details of the film (I definitely recommend seeing it!), but I can see how we can all put ourselves in Guillaume's shoes.  Throughout our lives we encounter new situations and adapt to the diverse personalities of the people we interact with on a daily basis.  Not every situation will come out as we expect and I think that's why people enjoyed Guillaume.  He was someone whom we can relate with.  Despite getting embarrassed from making a cultural blunder (dancing the female version of the Flamenco as the result of being taught by his homestay mother in Spain) or misinterpreting signs (waving to someone when you see them wave in your direction, but they really are waving to the person behind you), he continued to persevere and learn about who he really is.


I don't think anyone has ever had smooth sailing their entire life, and we always joke with family and friends about the embarrassing milestones that we had to go through.  But looking back at those events, I can laugh at many of the faux pas that I may have unintentionally committed.  Who hasn't been nervous on a first date and blurted something stupid? :)


I also attended Kate and Paulina's Acting Workshop Final.



It was really interesting and intimate.  Each of the two performers performed a 10 minute skit that covered things such as friendship, dating, romance, and first meetings.  They were all very talented.  Unfortunately we weren't able to take pictures or video due to royalties and copyright, but I was so proud of everyone and their performances.  It's not easy going up on stage and performing, and they all delivered their lines and captures our attention throughout their performances.  I wish them the best in their careers.


My brother's birthday is next week and he invited me to a restaurant with his friends to celebrate.  A couple of years ago, my brother gave me a tiramisu cake as a gift.


Coffee, ladyfingers, and chocolate = Happy Kevin

I love Italian desserts.  (I can do damage to my credit card when I go to an Italian bakery!)


It was beautiful and delicious.  It was light yet full of flavor.  The cake was devoured when I shared slices with others.  Good times, good times.  I'll probably stop by a bakery in New York to get some rainbow cookies when I go pick up a birthday cake.  I remembered in my previous jobs, I would always take a handful of the rainbow cookies when we would have our company parties.  They were so good!


Anyway, he told me that it would be at a Japanese restaurant and he wanted it to be casual.  I told him to just let me know when he finalizes everything so that I could attend.  Japanese barbecue is really good and I'd probably get a mix of the grilled mushrooms and some marinated beef.


I'm also volunteering at New York Public Library.  I help facilitate an English conversational group for English Speakers of Other Languages on Tuesday nights.  I was so excited when the Volunteer Manager, Maura Muller, contacted me regarding the position.  On my first day, I had a large group who came from a variety of countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, Spain, South Korea, and Japan.  They were all really nice and were very interested in learning about the cultural aspects of America.  I had everyone give an introduction, why they were learning English, what they hoped to accomplish, and what they wanted to gain from the English conversation group.


There were a lot of laughs and I loved at how motivated and receptive they all were when we were doing the discussion.  I'm sure I'm going to get new participants each week so it'll probably be like the first day of class every week!  But I really do enjoy meeting new people and learning about their backgrounds.  This helps me a lot with my work in health literacy where I can understand the different factors that play a role in how a person views their environment.  A person who grew up in Italy will have different social etiquette than someone who grew up in Japan.  I think that being immersed in all of these cultures allows you to understand the intricacies of their viewpoints and social norms.  I look forward to meeting new people, and if any of you would like to come in and participate, please don't be shy and introduce yourself.  I'll make sure it'll be a fun experience!  The flyer is on my website under "News" if you want more information.


Many of the participants during my group asked me what was one of my favorite shows and I told them Top Chef.  They didn't know what it was so I explained it to them.  I told them that it was a cooking competition for professional chefs being judged by their culinary superiors.  When I got home, I rewatched this video that I saw a couple of months ago with Katie and Padma saying the infamous elimination line, "Please pack your knives and go."



I was laughing because it was so ridiculous by the time you got to the end.  It's like when you keep repeating something over and over again and it ends up losing its meaning after awhile.  I've always wanted to host one of those reality competition shows just to say the elimination phrase.  It reminds me of how producers and writers try to be creative and it sometimes ends up becoming overly cheesy.  I loved it when Barney (Neil Patrick Harris' character on How I Met Your Mother) just blurted out a list of elimination catchphrases when he was telling his friend that someone needed to go.  It just showed how ridiculous some of them were!


Well I hope you had a great and relaxing holiday weekend.  I'll have another entry before the end of April.  As many of you know (who read and visit), I try to have at least 2 entries per month.  Stay tuned.

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