le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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Warmth Throughout the Cold

My goodness the weather has been going up and down!  At least there's sunshine, right? :)


I met with Delia B., the President of The Breast Cancer Imperative, Inc. (you may remember our fundraiser from the Fall of 2012 called the Breast Cancer Project), a nonprofit organization providing mobile mammography (breast cancer screening) to indigent women in the Philippines.  The Breast Cancer Imperative has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines and by the chief radiologist of the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines.  We discussed the current state of the program, looked over pictures,  looked over tax information, discussed the second fundraiser (which will be held in Fall 2014), and the website specifics.


Notes to develop website

The approval documents from the Philippine FDA and SEC are above



As the website administrator, I'm helping her establish a .org website address for the organization, purchasing the domain/handling the paperwork, working with the graphic designers and team to develop the site, assigning .org professional email addresses to the team members, and getting everything set up (I'm basically the IT guy haha).  The MAMMOvan is ready to launch in late April so we're trying to have everything established within the next two-three weeks.  It's a lot of work, but it's really rewarding.  Delia suggested that I examine different nonprofit websites to get an idea of how they're structured so that I can develop a framework.


Delia and I looking over pictures and the construction of the MAMMOvan



It was interesting seeing the development of the MAMMOvan.  When we all first started the fundraising, we had sketches that Delia showed us of the mobile mammography unit.  Now that it's ready to launch she's hammering out the final designs for the exterior.  I'm very excited to see all of this come intro fruition.  Delia's returning to the Philippines soon and won't be back until late summer/early fall so it's a lot of hustle and bustle.


After we discussed the outline and work that we were going to complete, Delia and I parted ways.  She was going to have dinner with her daughter at a Filipino restaurant so I wished her a happy dinner.  We took a picture before we left.  I told her that I was jealous that she and her daughter were going to go to dinner because I had other work to do and she started laughing.


I love working with amazing people :)



One thing I love about New York are the amazing doormen.  Here's one who's been a great guy throughout the years.


Smiles on the Upper East Side

He asked me whether he should take off his bonnet, but I said it was okay


When he saw me, he gave me a big hug.  He's amazing and so friendly.  When I had to hail a cab for an elderly friend, my good friend stood up, took out his mini flashlight to signal a cab driver, and got a cab for her.  When you establish a great rapport with security/doormen, they'll go out of their way to help you out. :)


On March 26, I attended an event at FIT.  The father and son (Mariano and Luca Rubinacci respectively) discussed their Neapolitan style of tailoring.  Each coat is tailored (no pun intended!) to each individual client.


Description outside the auditorium


The talk was very informative and both the father and the son covered the history and business aspects of their tailoring business.  They discussed the ateliers (workshops), the process from first meeting with the client to measurements and fitting, and types of fabrics used in their work, to name a few. There were also great questions from the audience at the end of the talk during the Q & A session.  One guy was aspiring to become a menswear designer so he asked them what advice they would have for someone who wants to get into the business.


Left to Right: (the father Mariano Rubinacci, Moderator G. Bruce Boyer, the son Luca Rubinacci)

I snapped this at the beginning because I didn't know if photography was allowed during the talk



A week ago, I met up with sis to have lunch in Chinatown.  Before we headed to lunch, she introduced me to her friend Eliza from her class.  After our little chat together and wished Eliza goodbye, Kate surprised me and took me to Jing Fong for lunch.  Thank goodness she could speak Cantonese (as well as Mandarin and Tagalog) because otherwise it would have been confusing! haha They first sat us at a table with other people, but when Kate spoke in Cantonese and asked for a table for the two of us, they gave us our own spot for privacy. 


As you know from the dim sum restaurants, the dim sum ladies walk around in carts and you get their attention if you like what they have.  We ate so much and when we received the bill, it only came to $14.  I was like, "What?!?!" And she laughed and said, "I told you bro, you can eat a lot and it's only going to cost a little."


Pork and Vegetable in Bean Curd Skins, Pork Buns, and

the Shrimp in Thick Noodle (got cut off on the left lol)



The Shrimp wrapped in thick clear noodle (yum!) and the filled bean curd






I then took her to the Mahayana Buddhist temple in Chinatown.  She hasn't been there yet so I wanted to show it to her.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately now they don't allow photography inside so I'm going to share an amazing picture that was taken from yelp a few years ago.


The Buddha statue in the main hall,

photo courtesy of Yelp user Anna T.


Exterior of Mahayana Buddhist Temple




It was very serene and was just a wonderful experience.  It really brought me back to memories of Asia.  It was amazing, and I was so thankful to Kate for the wonderful day.


It has been an interesting 2014 to say the least.  But it's just been a delight being surrounded by positive people.  Hope you're all staying warm!

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