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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week



Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

February 6 to 13, 2014

Lincoln Center, New York, NY


As I briefly discussed in my previous entry, Kate and I went to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.  Surrounded by an assortment of professionals-- chic models posing for the cameras, fashion bloggers interviewing fast talking PR professionals, photographers capturing every image and pose, and aspiring student designers ready to jump start their future career, it was a very vibrant environment.  Designs from fashion veterans such as Anna Sui and Ralph Lauren as well as recent graduates from schools such as Academy of Art University  graced the runway with their Fall 2014 collection.  Pictures and designer information can be viewed here.


I met up with Kate in front of Avery Fisher Hall where we got our cameras ready to photograph the event.  Kate took a picture of me, I snapped one of her, and fashion students snapped a picture of us :)




Kate strikes a pose :)




After we snapped a few preliminary pictures, we had lunch at Old John's Luncheonette.  Everyone was still setting up and getting ready so we decided to return after lunch.  The luncheonette was recommended by Kate since she had gone here after attending events at Lincoln Center.  I ordered a coffee and Cesar salad while Kate had the gnocchi and salad.  Her gnocchi was really good!  We shared pictures and caught up on how her trip back home went.






As she is now preparing for a writing career, we talked about what path she wanted to focus on.  She's doing additional training in New York through classes and mentorship, and I'm so proud of her!  Since she came from a creative field, she will definitely be able to translate that into her writing career.  Kate gave me advice such as examining current trends, looking at art for inspiration, and taking pictures of objects that can inspire (e.g. leaf changing color or a piece of cake from a bakery).


For me, I provided her with advice on how her ability to visualize can be translated into writing.  Since Kate is good at envisioning details of designs, she can apply descriptive imagery to enrich the background for stories.  I told her to be herself and not really think too much when writing a piece.  After writing down different points from brainstorming, she would be able to see if there's a common theme that she would like to focus on.  She also has so much passion for writing so I know that her drive will make her work come to life.


On our way back the crowd got bigger and everyone was ready.  There were security and fashion assistants posing with the NYPD.  It was really vibrant and you could feel the energy.




We continued photographing and speaking with models and students upon our return.  Everyone was pretty friendly and didn't mind being photographed. (Everyone wants to be photographed in fashion, right? lol)  They happily obliged which made it a fun process.



Interviewing the Model

Doesn't it bring back memories of journalism school when we had to get quotes? haha





Styled from Comme Des Garçons


Final Group Picture before everyone leaves



Afterward we headed to the Time Warner Building to have coffee.  The walk was pretty cold with the wind hitting our faces.  Kate had her "Inuit coat" which protected her from the harsh breeze!  But I did enjoy the fact that it was sunny though.


We headed inside the building and went to Bouchon Bakery upstairs.  We were lucky to find a place to sit since the place usually becomes really crowded.  Once we sat down, more people flooded in!  I ordered a medium Cafe Americano.  At this point, I already had two cups of coffee (one for breakfast and one for lunch with Kate lol).  Surprisingly, I wasn't as jittery throughout our conversation.  From our seats, we looked at the different stores to see what collections were on display.


Kate asked me questions like what theme I'd have in mind for my collection or what I'm currently working on.  Since I'm starting off with menswear, I told her that I was inspired by Tom Ford and the sophisticated look of his designs (such as the tuxedos).  We shared advice and told each other that we would be helping each other out on our fields.  I'd help her with writing and she'd help me with fashion.  What Kate said was on the mark regarding how mathematical and precise the work was.  She told me that it would be easier since I have a scientific background to be able to perform the measurements and visualize the angles of the clothing such as the dress shirts or pants.  Looks can be deceptive though because I remembered picking up a pair of khakis three years ago (since they looked like they would fit) and the khakis ended up being really snug when I tried them on in the dressing room.  It was crazy because I remembered a TV show where someone couldn't get their pants off because it was too tight!


I'll have some of my sketches/designs up when I finalize them.  So yes, I've been immersed in biochemistry and menswear.  haha


On another note, I received a call from my aunt and family from the West Coast.  My cousin and his wife asked me to be a godfather for their son.  I was very touched and excited.  They also asked me when I would return.  I do miss them dearly and hopefully I can return soon.


My godson :)


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