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Lights, Camera, Awesome!

I was watching an episode of Cougar Town last week, and it was pretty interesting.  The dialogue had this weird vibe to it, but it ended up getting me hooked for the entire 30 minutes. The show that followed was Wedding Band.  I looked at one of the actors and thought that he looked familiar.  Five minutes into the show, the light bulb flashed and I realized that it was Brian Austin Green.  The last time I watched him was on Beverly Hills 90210 back in the 90's.  Time sure does fly!


The new year has been pretty refreshing.  Each year there are usually more and more surprises that pop in.  I do have an idea though of what I want to tackle in 2013.  Back in 2010, I had this really big dream of becoming the next Julia Child.  I watched her old episodes as well as new cooking shows on Food Network and Bravo's Top Chef.  I thought to myself, "Hey if Rachael Ray or Giada De Laurentiis can get paid millions to teach cooking to people around the world, why don't I give it a try?"


Well as you know, it's easier said than done.  However, I've tweaked things a little bit and moved toward integrating communications with the presentation of information and topics.  It allows me to be creative while getting the point across.  I was able to start putting it into action with journalism work, and it has been fun.  It's work that requires small steps to achieve that final goal.  The main point is that I'm deconstructing my goals and working through them rather than postponing or making excuses.  In mid 2012, I wrote a two page list of what I wanted to accomplish for my future.  After rereading it, I've become even more focused on crossing off the items on my checklist.


I'm setting everything in place right now so that when I have children, I'll be ready.  I want my children to be happy and have a great future.  What I had written on my checklist were all there to prepare me for what's to come.  I remembered the intensive nature of graduate school and the crowded early morning commutes when I had returned to New York a few years ago, but I knew that if I made the best of it, good things will follow.  Granted, it wasn't always easy to keep a smile especially when things got extremely stressful, but I survived!


The film and television industries are very competitive and working for the health care industry has taught me a lot of skills ranging from adapting to patients' needs to intense research.  What I hope to accomplish is to bridge the two together so that health communication can be better understood by the population.  Things seem so easy when you have a background in it.  I know that pharmacology, physiology, and writing come easily to me, but if you stick me in an engineering class, I'm definitely going to break a sweat!  Making complex information more digestible has been a work in progress, and I do hope to reduce the stigma of the sciences being "too disconnected" and make it more engaging.  Rather than making it a "weeding out" game, I hope to find ways to make science more hands on.


I'm going to do a lot more writing.  It's always been a great outlet for me whether it's documenting an event or just putting my thoughts down onto paper.  Speaking of writing, my path has brought so many opportunities to collaborate and network.  I met up with my friend Kara to catch up over dinner.  As you remember, I interviewed her about social media and the entertainment industry.  Anyway, after discussing our shared experiences regarding various aspects of reporting and media, we both became good friends and frequently discuss interests such as sports writing and news reporting.



We both had dinner at Olive Garden and it was amazing!  I haven't had pasta in a while so it was a nice treat.  We ordered the calamari as an appetizer, (the breadsticks and salad followed), daquiri for her, a glass of Moscato for me (can't take the French out of me haha), spaghetti and meatballs for her, and shrimp alfredo for me.  Not even halfway through, we both were really full.  Kara laughed that we had lunch for the next day.  It was a nice night to relax since stress was always on our plate.  2013 will definitely be better!  She's great and we both help each other out to reach our dreams.  It was a great night of discussing the West Coast, entertainment journalism, and family stories.


I'm continuing to get my weekly dose of The Mindy Project.  It has gotten me pretty hooked.  She has this dry, sarcastic humor that I enjoy.  I don't usually watch too much TV (the last time I did was during graduate school to combat the crazy stress!), but some shows are catching my attention.  I'm also watching Bobby Flay's new Dinner Battle show on Food Network.  My love of food has ignited again and I'm on full throttle.  Who doesn't love good food?


On the public health front, I'm sure many of you have heard about the flu epidemic in America.  You all know the basics of prevention and sanitation.  Make sure you wash your hands.  If you're very sick, it's better to stay home rather than spread it.  If you do have to go out or go to work, make sure you're not feeling dizzy.  Eat healthy foods to boost your defense up.  You've all heard of this growing up from your parents who told you to "drink your orange juice" and have chicken soup.  I know that people are getting their flu shots so if you'd like to get vaccinated, go for it.  Just know that it takes around 2 weeks for it to take effect.


2013 has been great so far.  Pretty chilly, but overall, things are moving in the right direction.

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