le cahier de kev

le cahier de kev

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It has been quite an interesting few weeks.


My family from abroad just arrived four days ago and they were pretty excited since it's their first time in the States.  They were enjoying the sights of San Francisco and Las Vegas and by the end of this week, they'll be with me touring The Big Apple.  It's a pretty large group (around 10).  I'm still deciding on whether to take them to a restaurant to eat or cook up a nice meal.  It'll also be my best friend's birthday on the day that they will arrive here so it'll be a lot of scheduling.  However usually with family, I just love having a meal and catching up with all of them in the dining room.  It's more festive that way.  They're pretty relaxed on what we'll do or where to go as long as we're together.


I spoke to my aunt last weekend and she sounded very excited to come here.  Last time she visited the East Coast I was in grad school so I couldn't see her and the family.  We had a great conversation and it seemed like I had just seen her recently.  She always had a lot of food so I would laugh when she would share her selection of what I could have for breakfast.  Oatmeal, coffee, red velvet cake, eggs, bacon, cereal, bagels, baked ziti, soup, a Snickers ice cream bar....it felt like a deluxe continental breakfast!  How will I be able to top that when she comes to visit me? :)


A few weeks ago I caught up with my sister Kate from Hong Kong.  We had lunch at Cafe Zaiya in Kinokuniya bookstore and shared so many stories.  She's a fashion designer with a beautiful collection.  I remembered seeing the pictures from her show and just being in awe.  Look at that...sis is a fashion designer...brother is an artist.  I'm the one who's in the health/science field!  But it's awesome being surrounded by their creativity.


Afterward we headed to the Plaza Hotel where we had cheesecake from Lady M's.  We wanted to have our picture taken together so we looked around and saw two Japanese women conversing.  She laughed and told me to ask them in Japanese to take our picture.  After back and forthing, she asked them politely and they obliged.



The picture came out great!  She shared her sisterly wisdom with me when I told her what was stressing me out about the future.  It was really wonderful talking to her and giving each other insight into our fields.  We headed out to Central Park so that she could take her train at Lincoln Center.  We joked that we knew we were at Central Park because we could smell the horses from far away. lol  We talked about jazz performance and events at Lincoln Center and I told her that I'd love to attend an event with her during our free time.  When we parted ways, we gave each other a hug and kiss.  Her friends from the UK are coming to New York City at the end of October so we all planned to meet together for dinner then.


Speaking of music, soce the elemental wizard, a New York City artist who I interviewed a few years ago, has some great beats to share.  He's very talented both in music and comedy and has been a pleasure to work with.  Come show him your support...check out his page and his music!



Soce Beats Vol. 4

Soce's Youtube Page


As for reading, I found Barron's E-Z Anatomy and Physiology on sale.  I instantly grabbed it after flipping through it.



It's a pretty easy read considering the subject matter.  Brings back a lot of memories of my undergrad final minute cram sessions.  I just wished I had this back then!  I remembered going through Drs. Marieb & Hoehn's Human Anatomy and Physiology book which was intense in terms of material and depth.  It saved me so much later on when I did my hospital internship, graduate research, and case management work.  Back then I'd never thought that I would read an A&P book for fun. :)


Most Talkative: Stories from the front line of pop culture was on sale for almost 75% off.  Andy Cohen, the Executive Vice President of Development and Talent at Bravo, wrote the book detailing his life and his work.



He actually had a book signing and talk at the Union Square Barnes and Noble during the spring.  I think it was either March or April of this year.  I couldn't attend because I had class, but I was interested to see what goes on in his mind when he performs his work.  I just started knowing him because of Top Chef and his talk show Watch What Happens Live.  My former co-workers knew him because of the Housewives series.  I'll take a look at it soon.


I usually try to balance technical readings with some light hearted ones.  Too much of one thing won't be too good now, right?


The weekend was pretty hectic.  I wasn't feeling well on Friday night which continued until Sunday afternoon.  It wasn't anything major.  I just had muscle aches and a headache.  It probably was the transition from the hotter weather to the colder weather.  But it was a really uncomfortable feeling.  There was tension around my neck and head that went down to my lower back.  I'm thankful I recovered quickly.  Since my family is coming at the end of this week, I didn't want to feel lethargic while I made final preparations for food, cleaning up, and planning out the sights to see.


Over the weekend, my uncle got hospitalized for a stroke.  My mom called me Sunday morning with the news and asked to keep him in my thoughts.  He's a dentist so he works hard and is always light-hearted.  I hope he recovers soon.  He's a strong man so I have faith that he'll get through this.


As I'm catching up on everything- from portfolio work and writing to handling family matters, I'm just prioritizing so I don't end up all over the place.

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