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Don't Get Egged On

Wow, can you believe it's the end of July already?  It just seemed like yesterday when I was dying from the heatwave! lol  I'm really glad that it cooled down a bit.


I do believe in the importance of keeping in touch with friends and family.  I spoke to my aunt who wasn't feeling well, (but thankfully recovered) and we just shared stories about how things were going.  I do keep in mind to take any opportunity that I can to show my love and support for my loved ones since I do not know when I'll get another chance to see them.


As I was talking to one of my dear friends, we realized how things change so constantly as we got older.  The stresses and duties that we have may prevent us from seeing the more positive things in life.  From my own experience I can tell you that when I'm on the subway at 9 PM with a headache after doing a lot of editing and writing, it's pretty hard for me to smile.


When I worked at my old job, I had to take the train to World Trade Center and this is what happened since the police had to divert all of the trains from the 33rd Street line:



I had to go through that at 9 AM.  At first I was frustrated.  (Boy was I frustrated!)  But what I realized was that my frustration wouldn't change things.  It wouldn't make the line go any faster and it wouldn't change the train delays.  I knew that there will always be things in our lives that don't go our way and sometimes it's out of our control.  But rather than using up that energy to complain, I just used it to try to tackle what is under my control (the tasks of the day).  Why should I not help a tourist with directions or not say thank you to the vendor giving me my bagel just because I'm having a rough day?  They certainly don't deserve any of my gruff because they didn't do anything to me.


It did put a lot of things into perspective when I had communicated with my friend.  I loved the fact that she was always so positive while keeping a smile during our time in college.  There are a lot of beautiful things in this world that get overshadowed by the negative things that hit us (I mean, I'm sure we all know that the negative things can stand out pretty well compared to the positive).  When we were children we saw the simple beauty in a bubble or a dandelion, but as we got older, outside influences start to play a stronger role. 


I remembered enjoying eating a hard boiled egg when I was younger (I still do!), and one day, I brought it to school.  Two of my classmates saw me eating it at lunch and said, "Eww.  You eat that?" This was when I was in fifth grade and I ended up just eating half of it since I felt embarrassed to finish it.  When I got home, my mom saw that I only ate half of the egg and she looked at me and said, "Kevin, you usually love this.  Why didn't you finish it?"  I burst into tears and told her what happened.  She hugged me and told me to not worry what other people should think.  "If you like something (as long as you're not hurting anyone), go eat it/do it/etc."  She was certainly right.


I was nearing adolescence so I, of course, did not want to stray from the crowd.  But let me tell you, if that was me today, I'd tell them that I'll eat my damn egg whether they like it or not haha  (That's a nicer way of how I'd say it!)


But the main point is that I shouldn't have to stop what I love doing or be afraid of taking any chances to enjoy my life.  And that goes for everyone.  If you want to open your own bookstore, climb the Himalayas, or learn a new language, you should give yourself a chance and experience these things. Don't feel bad that you're eating that hard boiled egg when it's really something that you like to eat.


Me playing one of those carnival type games


When I played the game in the above picture, I was given three chances.  The first time, I won.  But for the last two times, I didn't.  The one above was my last chicken.  I admit, I was a little nervous since there were other people watching me.  I didn't want to be embarrassed and not make that shot.  But you know what?  I just thought to myself that I was just there to have fun regardless of whether I won at the games or not.  I didn't make the shot, but the two people who watched me smiled and said, "Good job."


See, why did I have to worry in the first place?


We may not notice it, but many people are there to cheer us on.  You really never know what the outcome will be unless you try.  It's like when they unmask the villain in Scooby Doo.  Sometimes you may know who ends up being the culprit while other times you may not.  I remembered saying to myself, "That person is way too nice and helpful, he/she must be the villain!"


....then I end up being wrong <slap to the forehead>  (But I did feel good when I got it right!)


In other news, there's just been a lot of juggling, but I'm standing my ground.  I still haven't finished the Julia Child book (since I'm also simultaneously handling other matters), but it has been a pleasant read.  Family from Texas and California also visited so I met with them and caught up.  I also met up with one of my friends since she's also heading for grad school soon, and I wanted to see her one last time in person before her journey.


I've also been rewriting old diary entries in my notebook and turning them into coherent paragraphs.  When I travel, I usually just jot main points down and turn them into entries later on.  It's been fun revisiting these old memories.  The entries were from last Fall and now that I think about it, it's also going to be Fall again soon.  Goodness time moves too fast!


Now time for me to grab a slice of pizza.  (and maybe cook a hard boiled egg) :)

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