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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's almost going to be midnight as I write this, but I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Mine was great.  I'm still stuffed and had such a great time with loved ones.  It was a day of cooking, fun conversations, sporadic glances at the parade, and playing the Garfield Thanksgiving special.  Everyone was pretty entertained today.


A couple of days ago I was watching a couple of shows on Food Network.  While it seemed like a marathon of shows, I was dividing my attention between the shows and replying to emails.  However, I enjoyed the Thanksgiving episode of Chopped, The Next Iron Chef, and All Star Family Cook Off.  I haven't watched Food Network as much recently, but watching these episodes brought back memories of the holiday specials I used to watch.  They would give me ideas on what I would cook for family and friends.  One person I noticed during the All Star Family Cook Off was Chef Anne Burrell's sister is Jane Uzcategui.  Jane teaches at the Nutrition Dept. at Syracuse University.  I probably walked passed her when I was a grad student and didn't even notice it (since all of our departments were part of the same college within the university)!


I've been attending events left and right to cover stories, share ideas, and network.  Although it has been exhausting, I've certainly learned a lot from experts in their fields.  It's nice to have this weekend to just relax and clear my mind.  Oh by the way, I'm progressing with my study schedule.  I surprisingly remember so much of my organic chemistry that everything just clicked when I reread my old notes.   After orgo, I'm going to go back and forth with biochemistry, anatomy, and exercise physiology. Once I cover all of the basics, I'll move on to the NSCA's Strength Training and Conditioning book to review the biomechanics, nutrition, and exercise testing/prescription.  Can you tell I'm a dork for fitness and sports med? haha  Hopefully the exam won't kick my ass when I take it in a few months :)


I received a pleasant surprise when I opened up my email a few days ago.  I got a complimentary gift card from my credit card company.  It's good timing too since it's the holiday season.  Speaking of shopping, I got invitations from friends to go shopping on Black Friday.  Unfortunately I won't be able to go due to previous obligations, but I wished friends and family the best of luck waking up at the crack of dawn to get those sales.


Time for me to get some rest, catch up on shows, and do some reading.  Don't worry, I won't sneak in any midnight snacks.  I'm already too full.  I think the tryptophan from the turkey is starting to kick in. ZzZz...


Hope you all had a great day and remember, Eat Responsibly!

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